Maaji’s Perfect Gift Guide for Secret Santa Gift Exchanges 


How fun is it to receive a gift from an anonymous gift-giver?! The rush of picking that perfect gift at a Secret Santa exchange – what if you picked a bad one, or a great one? What if the next person steals it?! Let’s be honest though - a thoughtful gift that shows you care is a great way to show your coworkers and friends that you're there for them in life. If you’re looking for a truly lovely secret Santa gift, look no further! We’ve compiled 10 awesome gift ideas for every type of person. This list should make your secret Santa gift-buying experience easier. Feel free to put something for yourself in the shopping cart while you’re at it and save on shipping! 

 1. Sunglasses Keepers 

Most people love to keep their sunnies safe. Surprise someone with one of the Maaji Assorted Tina Sunglasses Keeper, which have a magnetic clasp closure, quilted fabric, and of course a happy Maaji print! This poach was designed for every joyful occasion!

Maaji Assorted Tina Sunglasses Keeper

$30.00 USD
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 2. Pockets 

The Maaji Assorted Lucy Pocket set of bags is irresistibly cute with its adorable prints. Help your lady friend or coworker stay organized with these bags that feature internal compartments and a main zippered pocket. Thanks to you, she can now be on the go with none of the packing chaos that can tank your day. And because at Maaji we love surprises, when you order this accessory, it will arrive in any of the Maajical prints on the pictures!

Maaji Assorted Lucy Pocket

$38.00 USD
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 3. Lunch Boxes 

A lunch box will make your foodie workmate happy! Maaji Salsa Lucky Snacks Box has a large capacity. Your colleague can pack enough snacks to share with everyone in the office. It has an adjustable and removable strap for flexibility, an upper zipper, printed lining, a rigid bottom, and heavy-duty fabric. The perfect solution for any commute.

Maaji Salsa Lucky Snacks Box

$58.00 USD
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 4. Towels 

A beach towel is a must-pack item for beach lovers! If you are still wondering what gift to get for that one friend or workmate on your list, you can never go wrong with a towel. Get them the Maaji super-soft Wild Paradise Florelia Beach Towel. They will love it for its super-softness, ability to double as a beach blanket, and reversible print! Maybe this will be their push to take that long-awaited vacay they so deserve.

Maaji Wild Paradise Florelia Beach Towel

$70.00 USD
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 5. Bucket Hats 

The Maaji Flory Luca Bucket Hat is a really cute trend, the person lucky to get this gift will be so obsessed with it! The beautiful details of every Maaji piece meet the coolness of the bucket hat trend in the Luca. And of course, it's reversible!

Maaji Flory Luca Bucket Hat

$36.00 USD
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 6. Pareos 

For the girls on your gift list who love the beach, get them one of the Maaji pareos. Our Wild Paradise Cosmos Pareo has vibrant colors and matches the sea vibes. Your lucky friend or coworker will find its unique design ideal to use with her favorite bikini set as a skirt, dress, or a beautiful kimono.

Maaji Wild Paradise Cosmos Pareo

$78.00 USD
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 7. Hoodies 

We have something interesting for your friend or coworker who loves workouts! Maaji Indigo Dashing Long Sleeve Hoodie is classic but with a fun twist. It is perfectly comfortable, adorable, and sporty, but with a flattering raglan sleeve and a cross neck to spice up her life and workouts.

Maaji Indigo Dashing Long Sleeve Hoodie

$88.00 USD
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 8. Laptop Case 

With so many activities happening during the holidays, anyone would appreciate a bag gift that can help keep their stuff safe as they run errands. Part briefcase, part tote, the Maaji Flory Cairo Laptop Case is designed to keep papers, computers, and other stuff safe while on the go! If someone on your list is lucky to have a lovely Maaji floral print and surprise lining, plus lots of cool features and pockets... Well, that's just a bonus.

Maaji Flory Cairo Laptop Case

$96.00 USD
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 9. Travel Bag 

Every adventure needs a packing bag! Your friend or coworker will appreciate this Maaji Tile Sophie Weekender for his/her many Maajical adventures! Whether toting stuff on a weekend trip, or just packing all stuff for everyday life, the adjustable and removable strap, long handles, and numerous pockets will bring them a little burst of organizational joy! Who doesn’t want that?

Maaji Tile Sophie Weekender

$106.00 USD
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 10. Scrunchies 

Scrunchies are one of the best gifts you can get for the happy and polished girl in your life who is keen on her Maajical sense of style. Maaji’s Assorted Camila Scrunchies are soft and super stretchy, and look cute as a bracelet too. We love surprises, that's why, when you order this accessory, it will arrive in any of our Maajical prints.

Maaji Assorted Camila Scrunchies

$16.00 USD
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