World Oceans Day 2022  


One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together   

Water is our origin, the ocean is ours to protect and preserve, and every day of the year should be a day to take care of it. 

Planet earth is our only home, and at Maaji, we are always looking for creative and innovative ways to protect our home. In 2022 we started investing in blue carbon credits to offset our swimwear carbon footprint. These credits were invested in an innovative project in our home country, Colombia, in a region called Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca. The program focuses on conserving one of the most important ecosystems of our planet: MANGROVES

Mangroves mark the transition between land and sea along many tropical and subtropical coasts. They are the bridge that connects the ocean and the interior of the continents.  

The nurseries of the sea are formed among the mangrove’s roots, where the inland and ocean fish lay their eggs, and the baby fish grow until they return to rivers or the sea. It’s an ecosystem full of life and color, and it stores 5 – 10x more C02 per hectare than tropical rainforests. Mangroves are a vital link to preserving the ocean. 

90% Of All Carbon in the GLOBAL carbon cycle is stored in the ocean. This is where it should be sequestered to reverse climate change

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