Bikini Bottoms

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Maaji's collection of bikini bottoms is designed to elevate your beach style, with silhouettes crafted to highlight your figure and allow you to experiment with diverse looks. Whether you're looking for fashionable or versatile and reversible bikini bottoms, Maaji has the perfect fit for you.

Our collection was thoughtfully crafted to make you feel free and provide support, whether you're lying under the sun, swimming, or engaging in sea sports. From the secure fit of a high waisted style to the adaptability of tie side bikini bottoms, our swimsuits ensure you can fully enjoy the Maajic of your beach adventures without compromising on performance or tanning.

Maaji's bikini bottoms offer you the flexibility to create multiple looks effortlessly with their removable and sliding straps. Mix and match patterns, or opt for solid hues, as you easily transform your swimwear style with ease and let your creativity lead you.

With an array of captivating colors, vibrant patterns, and elegant designs, our pieces allow you to express your personal style and radiate confidence with every step. Embrace the energy of the beach and the freedom of the breeze while feeling that your figure is sculpted by the sun.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel comfortable, stylish, and secure in their swimwear. With Maaji, you can trust that every piece of our bathing suit bottom collection will cater to your unique needs and desires.

Choose Maaji for your next beach adventure and immerse yourself in the independence, style, and empowerment our garments provide. Let the magic of the beach and the radiance of our designs create unforgettable memories as you confidently embrace your inner goddess.