Low Rise Bikini Bottoms

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Releasing our irresistible low rise bikini bottoms, designed to bring out your feminine allure on the sandy shores. These beauties sit low at the front, gracefully skimming your hip bone or falling below it, generating a look that shows confidence. Perfect for those with a flat belly, these bikini bottoms are a dream come true, allowing you to flaunt your sexy waistline and captivating thighs as you bathe under the sun's golden rays.

Our low cut bikini bottoms eagerly await their perfect match in the form of tops, available in lots of brilliant colors and designs to accentuate your unique silhouette. Explore the vibrant spectrum and choose the hues and patterns that speak to your mood or align seamlessly with your lifestyle. Follow the latest fashion trends, like the visible underwear fad.

Oh, and here's a little secret: our bottoms are reversible, allowing you to explore new combinations with just a single piece. Imagine the convenience, especially when you're embarking on a seaside adventure! Say goodbye to unnecessary bulk in your backpack, as these versatile beauties help you save space.

These low-rise bikini bottoms are designed to adjust to your body shape. Carefully crafted in Colombia with the utmost care, our bikini bottoms are thoughtfully made from a blend of recycled polyamide and spandex knit, offering both coziness and sustainability in every item.

Unleash your inner goddess, and prepare for sunny days filled with unforgettable moments and endless summer with Maaji.