Workout Leggings & Capris for Women


Looking for the right pair of workout leggings & capris for women? Prepare to be enchanted by the range of options that will take you on a delightful daily adventure! Find your ideal fit for a summer jog, biking, or a lively hike in the park, and get excited by choosing between our botanic prints and interesting art-inspired shapes.

For those with a more romantic spirit, the gentleness of nature will speak to you loudly through our graphics. Check our Passiflora references if you enjoy the contrast of neutral colors with vibrant floral drawings. Take them out of the gym by wearing a simple tank top with a jacket and go for lunch with your friends anytime. Lovely mix!

Now, if you feel more drawn to bold, our prints with geometric shapes are THE ONES for you. These gym leggings will stand up on you for their clever use of shapes, and fresh sustainable materials. They are ideal for those thrilling night runs or to hit that exercise goal at the end of the week.

Athletic Leggings for Women

Say hello to be comfortable all the time with these beautiful, functional garments. Our women's sports leggings are made to be breathable. This isn't just a feature, it's a necessity! Made with 75% of polyester and 25% of spandex knit, they allow your skin to transpire. So, whether you're running at the park or having a lively Zumba session, you’ll feel comfy all the time!

Since we make sure everyone can join the fun, our women's active leggings are available for every size and shape! You will find that our fits come with high waist control, which is crucial to provide you with the comfort and support needed for intense action, but also to flatter your figure in every scenario.
At Maaji, we love that you take care of your health, and celebrate the best version of yourself by staying active. We believe it's also possible to do so with a lot of style!

Find your perfect fit today, and let the Maajic unfold as you feel more alive and fabulous! Get yours now!