Women's Lounge Sweaters


Embrace the essence of modern easiness with Maaji's women's lounge sweaters collection. These are designed to envelop you in comfort while ensuring you remain stylish, even during your spare time.

At Maaji, we believe that leisure and fashion should always go hand in hand. These pieces are a proof of this philosophy. Each is carefully crafted with high attention to detail, combining form and function to create garments that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Our lounge hoodies are tailored with the utmost care, using soft, premium fabrics, like cotton and modal knit, that will cover you in warmth and coziness. Slip into one of them, and you'll immediately understand what convenience feels like.

Maaji’s lounge sweatshirts feature crew necks or cross-neck hoods, plus loose fits. You’ll find these designs in classic solid colors or vibrant prints for you to match with your favorite shorts and pants.

Browse now to discover your perfect Maaji sweater for cozy downtime!