Reversible Bikini Bottoms


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Discover the colors of summer through our beautiful assortment of Maaji reversible swim bottoms. With the ability to wear them in different ways, you essentially get two bikini bottoms for the price of one. They come with two unique patterns or colors on each side allowing you to switch up your look just by flipping the bottom inside out.

Our reversible bikini bottoms also let you mix and match with several bikini tops, giving you endless possibilities for creating unique swimwear combinations. This lets you express your mood and experiment with many hues and styles to suit your preferences.

It's a practical option for travelers or those with limited storage space who value ease and simplicity in their swimwear choices. Instead of packing multiple swimsuits, you can carry just one reversible bottom and have the option to change your look whenever you want.

So dive into the Maajical collection and add your favorite reversible pieces to your shopping cart today!