Women's Sports Bras

Necessary, supportive, and stylish are the words that describe our women's sports bras without a doubt. And because exercising is vital for a healthy lifestyle, these pieces make it all possible with the perfect blend of support and comfort.

Unlike regular bras, our garments are designed to minimize movement and provide better hold during physical activities. By giving you excellent support, these essential workout go-to are Maajically crafted to offer breathability, convenience, and durability. What makes them unique? Their ability to control bounce, provide coverage, and add a touch of style to your routine. So, we got you!

Workout Bra

Custom-fit, Maaji's exercise bra will become your ally while doing intense action, like yoga or cycling. Choose within our collection the piece that better suits your training level. Find the ones with a V-line designed to accentuate your chest, giving a sensual, charming appearance, but still with a lot of support. Or what about our functional sets? They come with adjustable straps, providing a personalized fit, a cool feature that enhances comfort and style.

Remember that all our sports clothes can be paired casually with a skirt or jeans, making them an all-around summer sensation. Let your imagination run free with Maaji!

Athletic Bras

Whether you're into jogging, jumping, or dancing, Maaji's workout sports bras are made for all the fun exercises you can think of! Their different prints and patterns add a splash of color to your active life. Imagine running in a zesty floral print with our lovely Romantica Whiz reference, or getting that hit at the gym by wearing our colorful Midnight Tropic set.

Our bras are thoughtfully crafted to make you feel covered at any time plus, their reversible feature allows you to create other stylish, casual outfits. And beautifully manufactured in Colombia with recycled nylon, regenerated polyamide, and polyamide spandex knit, which not only makes them an easy and fresh piece to wear but is also part of the mission of making our production processes more sustainable.

According to Maaji's definition, exercise isn't just a routine, it's a celebration! So go and pick your favorite piece, and let us celebrate with you!