Maaji is committed to the preservation of our Oceans and Seas, which have been an endless source of inspiration for our collections. "Planting an Ocean of Trees" is Maaji´s way of giving back to the planet.


This is a non-profit campaign aimed to plant trees in Colombia. This campaign is looking to impact positively the environment as well as the community.

Maaji´s forest has 90.000 trees and will keep on growing, thanks to our user’s commitment that make themselves deserved to be called earth warriors.

Maaji trees are planted specifically to protect watersheds in Colombia, in areas with high water potential that have been hit by violence.The tree species have been selected in agreement with the regional environmental authorities, according to the geographic location and the conditions of the site. We will plant native species such as Cedar, Willow, Oak and Myrtle. Planting will continuously be verified by the multinational Deloitte and Touche.

















The ocean is the heart of our planet and we need to protect it. That´s why making a good waste management is essential.


We are doing ocean and beach clean ups and engaging with the communities to promote healthy eco-systems and healthy living. As we pick up the trash, it all get us thinking of new ways to re-use & recycle all the things we find: bottles, shoes, clothes, plastic, etc…