Daydreaming of summer is over: bikini season is here!


It’s officially bikini season, our favorite time of the year! It’s time to chase sun-filled adventures & never-ending getaways. From refreshed classics, to colorful and asymmetric, this 2021 summer season comes with the best trends ever!

Enjoy endless summer days looking and feeling amazing while wearing one of these top 10 2021 trends:

1 ) Ice breaker pastels:

The perfect pop of color you’ll need to make that tan body look incredible! Pastels neon’s are key colors this season!


2 ) Asymmetric styles 

Proved to be seasonal bestsellers! Try pieces with embellishment, bold prints, and contrasted fabrics.

3 ) The plunge neck

Deep necklines add versatility to styles that, according to WGSN Retail Analysis, will be on trend for Summer and the rest to continue. This silhouette enhances the figure with bold prints and waist ties.

4 ) The corset-detail bikini:

Structural lines and lace up features are on point for the season.

5) Ruched swimwear:

Create visual interest by having volume in bikini tops with ruched detail and the possibility to adjust its coverage.

6) The crossover bikini:

Versatile wrapped tops with knotted tied elements are the new styling and looks of the season.

7 ) Basics everywhere:

Triangle tops are the trending piece on 2021, the key is to wear them creatively! New tik toks have been teaching cool ways to wrap your bikini and get a new look with the same top.


8) Minimal coverage:

When tanning is a must, small bottoms are too! Summer season comes with sexy looks, high leg cuts, small bottoms, and minimal tanning lines

9) Color Blocking

This retro trend is here to stay. Bold colors matched to make a subtle design stand out.

10) Eco-friendly clothing:

More than a summer trend is a 2021 trend, eco-friendlier pieces are even more important and conscious consumption is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle. All pieces from the Love Land collection are Eco-Friendly!

the time has come to enjoy breathtaking sunsets, lay on a blanket, play on the beach and share special moments with friends. Summer 21’ is the time to live never-ending days and create life-long memories!

Say hi to summer and say hello to happiness!

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