Our Commitment:

Maaji will always work under the principle of sustainability, supporting and developing its allies and promoting job creation. Concerning this, only suppliers that comply with the current regulations will be included in Maaji ́s suppliers group. 

Our allies:

Suppliers of products and services and our distribution clients are obliged to comply with these ethical trade requirements and what is reflected in the current regulations of the countries where we have a presence and where we operate. This code includes our core principles and values, what we believe in, and trust. This compilation reflects our dedication and commitment to integrity, quality, and service.

Our code of ethics includes: 

1. Human Rights.
2. No Bribery And No Corruption.
3. Intellectual Property, Fair Competition.
4. Animals And The Environment.
5. Certifications And Chemicals.
6. Good Faith Policy And Irregularity Complaints.

Download Maaji Code of ethics SEE OUR SUSTAINABILITY JOURNEY

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