Sarongs & Pareos

Our Maaji's sarongs, pareos & wraps are the love letters of a colorful and energetic summer lifestyle. These are designed for those passionate go-getters in search of something unique. Try them in multiple ways: tied around your waist, wrapped around your head, or even as a lightweight shawl. The floral designs, combined with bright patterns, make them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Explore the endless possibilities and embrace the sense of freedom that comes with being true to oneself. Love it!

Beach Sarongs

Maaji's beach swimsuit sarongs are an essential part of the endless summer experience. Adorned with beautiful and vibrant graphics, these bathing dresses celebrate the ocean being our main and most important inspiration. These adaptable pieces can be effortlessly draped over the shoulders to add a splash of color to any outfit. The lively hues echo the spirit of Maaji's Seekers Tribe with a positive and lively mindset running through each thread.

Maaji's swimsuit wrap offers a more structured approach to summertime fashion. Whether paired with a bikini or worn as a fashionable accessory, our wraps create a Maajical look! Choose from our beautiful prints inspired by the Caribbean, where flowers, birds, and the most breathtaking landscapes transform our garments into a delight for the eyes. Long or short, you can complement your look with a basic piece or by pairing it with your favorite bottom. Create that perfect mood!

We love sharing with you that being a certified B Corporation demonstrates our commitment to social and environmental performance. Our products are consciously manufactured in Colombia. We are grateful to those who believe in the power of togetherness and supporting a brand with purpose like ours.

Get into Maaji's collection and experience the ocean-inspired colors and splendid fits that make our clothing Maajical!