Please read the terms and conditions displayed before using the maaji.com website. By using the maaji.com website, you are deemed to have read the terms and conditions and be bound by them.

Through these Terms and Conditions, the company MAS S.A.S., ART MODE S.A.S and MERMAID BLISS (hereinafter “MAAJI”), as the proprietor of the electronic business platform (hereinafter “PLATFORM”) available at www.maaji.co, provides explanatory information about the platform and the regulations for its use and access.

The regulation applicable to these Terms and Conditions is the law of the United State, being this platform mainly addressed to residents located within the American territory.

For effects of the information contained in these Terms and Conditions, “Users” shall be understood as the people who may create a user and a password to generate transactions on the platform with their own means. Without prejudice of the above, Users are, at least initially, the purchasers of Maaji products who may use, as their means of purchase, goods on the online platform made available for you by Maaji. The use of the platform requires prior acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the acceptance of the Personal Data Management and Privacy Policy available on www.maaji.co; such contents are required for the regular operation of the platform. Any acceptance through the “I ACCEPT” button implies express and unequivocal statement of the knowledge, understanding, and total approval of the provisions above.


The platform is a space made available by Maaji in order to inquire and get knowledgeable of the company’s brand products, so that Users may acquire them through a remote sale on the platform. Hence, the User shall be bound to use the contents in a diligent, correct, and licit manner and the User specifically commits not to be involved in the following practices:

  1. To use the platform contents in a way contrary to the law, the ethics, and the generally accepted good customs or public order.
  2. To reproduce, copy, represent, publish, employ, distribute, transform or modify the platform contents or otherwise conduct disposal or exploitation actions against the contents through any procedure or against any total or partial support.
  3. To suppress, elude or manipulate the “copyrights” and all other intellectual property rights data owned by MAS S.A.S. – ART MODE S.A.S.- Mermaid Bliss or its holders which may be incorporated to the contents, as well as technical protection devices or any other information mechanisms which may include platform contents.
  4. To employ or use the contents and, specifically, any type of information obtained through the platform or the products to distribute, disclose, send, modify, reject or report publicity or contents of the platform with the purpose of making direct sales or other business purposes; to refrain from marketing or disclosing in any way such information and products which have been made available for the users within the Platform. Consequently, the User shall be entitled to download any material herein published exclusively for personal purposes but making relevant citation of sources.
  5. To employ the platform and products offered on the platform for illicit purposes contrary to provisions of these Terms and Conditions, regulations in force, Maaji’s rights or third parties’ rights. Likewise, any use which may damage, destroy, overload or deteriorate the Platform or impede the regular use of the same by the Users is prohibited for damaging Maaji’s rights or the interests of third parties or Maaji or that may otherwise damage, destroy, overload or deteriorate the platform and the sale of Maaji’s products or impede the regular use of the same and the sale of products by the Users.
  6. To use fraudulent information; to impersonate; to provide false or modified information for the creation of users and passwords intended to generate the purchase of products on Maaji’s platform.


With respect to offers, some small color variations or other types of minor variations may occur on the offered products, resulting from the different image and display acquisition technologies or from other technical reasons. Maaji does not take any responsibility for such variations and deviations.

Sale tax is not included in the price expressed within the platform information. Prices are expressed in USD. Maaji reserves its right to make changes of prices and products before any order placed by you. Once the User has placed his order, Maaji shall be bound to keep the purchase conditions set forth at the time the purchase was generated on the platform. Maaji reserves its right to change, limit or terminate special offers at any time.

Maaji charges shipping expenses. Shipping expenses may vary for each product and place and have been expressed in the purchase summary at the time of acquiring the product. Such shipping expenses shall be invoiced, when required, on an independent basis and shall be specified and add up to the total price of the order.

Products under a Special Offer cannot be changed. Discounts with promotional or seasonal coupons are not cumulative among them or with products already applied with a discount at the online store.


If you have purchased items that are now on sale, Maaji can offer you a one–time price adjustment on full-price purchases only. Please contact us to email help@maaji.co with an original sales receipt within 14 days of original sales purchase.

We do not offer price adjustments on shipping charges. Price adjustment will be offered with a coupon code for the difference amount which can be used in a future purchase.


Maaji shall deliver your order at the exact address provided by you for such a purpose within the United State territory. Maaji can only make the delivery at the exact address corresponding to the User’s domicile address or his/her place of work. Deliveries shall be made on business days, except for holidays. Any delivery shall be accompanied by an acknowledgment of receipt which shall be included in the invoice that will be delivered to the User at the time or receiving the order.

If you need Maaji to deliver your order on different dates, Maaji shall charge additional delivery costs. Each individual delivery of each order conducted by the User shall constitute an independent remote purchase-sale agreement. If Maaji fails to deliver the order on time or any of the deliveries appears to be incorrect, that is, it does not match the products chosen by the User within the platform, this shall not entitle the User to cancel the order.


After legalizing the order, Maaji shall send the User an e-mail confirming the detailed information of the purchase, and an additional e-mail confirming the status of the order payment. Once payment has been confirmed, the User shall receive an e-mail with the confirmation of such payment and shall receive e-mail(s) by which the User shall be informed about the status of the shipping.


The platform allows the User to use an online transaction service (PayPal - Shopify Payments) owned by a third party for processing such payments. When the User includes personal data for processing the payment, such as the credit card number, among others, the use and protection of such data shall be governed by the terms and conditions set forth by PayPal. Maaji shall not take any responsibility for the operation, functioning, availability, and/or security provided by PayPal. Should you need further information about such service, please go to www.paypal.com.

It should be expressed that the User, at the time of paying a purchase through PayPal and after presenting the purchase summary during the sale process, shall leave Maaji’s platform for a short period of time and then access it again when the User gets to know the payment status (rejected or approved). During this entire period, PayPal’s conditions applicable to the payment transaction shall govern.

We don't accept payments on a mobile or web app


When the User purchases a product at a Maaji’s online store available on the platform and wishes to make a return, for the following reasons:

  • The size does not satisfy the User’s needs since it is a very large or very small size.
  • The User has decided to change the product.

Maaji gives the User a chance to change the product. However, any return or change associated to the products delivered to the User should be done by sending direct e-mail to help@maaji.co, and then a guide number will generate and the shipping company shall pick and send the product subject matter of such return or change.


  • To send an e-mail to help@maaji.co, enclosing relevant invoice and expressing the case.
  • Changes of garments are made per product, subject to availability of the product in stock.
  • Garments should be unworn and unwashed, with no stains and keeping relevant original labels and hygienic protector and contained in their original packing. Discount garments cannot be changed.
  • Maaji reserves its right to accept changes with prior analysis of the product, by checking the status of the product (under the conditions expressed above).

All shipping expenses for returns and changes shall be borne by Maaji.

Maaji takes responsibility for lost or damaged items during the return transportation.

If the Customer has lost the relevant invoice, he can request a copy by e-mail to help@maaji.co.


Maaji will accept any cancellation of orders by the User, only and exclusively when such cancellation has been requested by e-mail within 24 hours after having made the relevant purchase.


  • Refunds of purchases made by PSE shall be made on Tuesdays each week. This process requires the submission of a bank certification confirming that the account where the refund will be made is the account of the customer; such document should be sent by e-mail to help@maaji.co.
  • Refunds to credit cards shall be made on Mondays and Wednesday each week, by requesting such refund to the following e-mail: help@maaji.co.


Should you have any questions, complaints, claims or requests, please contact Maaji by e-mail to: help@maaji.co.


Products provided shall remain the exclusive property of Maaji until the User has totally paid all the charges due in virtue of any remote purchase-sale agreement subscribed with us, including payment of shipping costs and all other expenses associated to the online purchase-sale agreement.


Maaji wishes to advise the User about the washing and maintenance instructions printed on the product labels. Maaji shall not take any responsibility for damages resulting from the improper handling and use of the products, including the use of incorrect maintenance methods.


Maaji offers the highest security standards commercially available in the market. Besides, the payment process operates over a safe server by employing relevant protocol. The safe server sets a connection in such a way that the information is transmitted on an encrypted manner through 128-bit algorithms which assure that such information may only be intelligible for the Customer’s computer and the platform.

Hence, the following is assured by employing the SSL protocol:

  1. The User will be transmitting his data directly to the Maaji’s server and not to any other type of server.
  2. Data are transmitted encrypted between the User and Maaji’s server, thus avoiding a potential reading or manipulation by third parties. Likewise, Maaji does not have any access to confidential data relating to the way of payment employed by the User within the PayPal platform; therefore, Maaji does not store the same. Therefore, it is clear that while the User is navigating within the platform, these Terms and Conditions and Maaji’s Personal Data Management and Privacy Policy shall apply. Whenever the User is making any payment within the PayPal platform, the User shall take into consideration such Terms and Conditions and Personal Data Management and Privacy Policy of the payment platform and not Maaji’s texts.


Due to technical needs, Maaji shall, at its own discretion, be entitled to modify, update, add up, and/or eliminate functions, services, and contents of the platform, including these terms and conditions, at any time and without prior notice to the Users, provided that such modifications, updates or eliminations do not affect the normal operation or purposes of the platform.

Maaji shall be entitled to directly and unilaterally modify at any time the content of Terms and Conditions. If such modifications imply significant changes, Maaji shall notify it on a timely basis to the Users by e-mail, written communications or by directly publishing such changes on the platform. Maaji shall, at its sole discretion, choose the means by which such notifications shall be made.


According to provisions of Federal Privacy Commissione, and other supplementary regulations, Maaji herein takes responsibility for the responsible treatment of personal data. Consequently, Maaji shall collect, store, and treat the Users’ personal data only for the development of business activities and the selling of its products at its chain of stores or online channels or at promotional events, among others. Hence, the Users of the platform shall be entitled to have access to the Personal Data Management and Privacy Policy available at www.maaji.com to know purposes, rights, and duties associated to the management of their personal data by Maaji as the responsible entity.

Should you have any question concerning the management of the User’s personal data, please e-mail us to help@maaji.co.


If a competent authority may determine that any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions becomes illegal, void or invalid, such provision shall be eliminated and such elimination shall not affect the validity of remaining clauses.


Terms and Conditions, as well as any other contractual document which may result from the platform, shall be governed by the laws of the United State. If any controversy arises associated to the Users and their interaction with the platform, such controversy shall be settled by relevant United State judicial authorities through relevant mechanisms intended to settle this type of conflicts, such as a conciliation process. Content of platform and these Terms and Conditions are totally intended to provide accurate, sufficient, timely, and suitable information with respect to the services offered as an e-mail platform, always subject to relevant limitations and restrictions set forth for this kind of services.

Should you need to file any petition, complaint, or claim, please e-mail us at: help@maaji.co, expressing in a clear manner the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your identification number
  3. The grounds of your petition, complaint or claim
  4. Other aspects which may be relevant for giving an effective response for the exercise of your rights
  5. Other elements as requested by the portal’s contact person who received your inquiries.


For effects of the platform, Maaji’s domicile is Cr. 48 # 61 sur 115, L123 | Unidad Industrial Vegas de Sabaneta – Antioquia