Cheeky Bikini Bottoms


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With Maaji's cheeky swimsuit bottoms, your unique style and the spirit of summer are transmitted through your outfit. Whether you're basking in the sun or walking by the beach, these pieces enable you to express your individuality and confidence, all while highlighting the best of your figure.

Our cheeky bathing suit bottoms are known for their flirtatious and playful style. They offer less coverage compared to medium or full-coverage bottoms, showcasing more skin while still providing some modesty.

At Maaji we understand that there are times when you desire an alluringly liberated aesthetic.That's why our garments are thoughtfully crafted to provide just the right amount of coverage, allowing you to display your curves with grace. Our collection is designed to accentuate your natural beauty and offer you a fresh look.

Revel in the magic of your own silhouette with Maaji's cheeky bottoms. With their low coverage design and vibrant colors, these bottoms strike the balance between comfort and magnetism. They provide a hint of cheekiness, adding a touch of flirty sophistication to your summer ensemble.

Dive into the world of Maaji, explore and reconnect with the confidence in your body. More than just swimwear – each bottom is a statement of freedom and self-expression. Our commitment is to empower women, you’ll find pieces that celebrate the beauty of diversity and encourage you to embrace your unique body shape.

Experience the joy of summer, feel comfortable in your own skin, and let your confidence radiate on the sea. Embrace the magic, celebrate your beauty, and make a splash with Maaji's flirty swimwear.