Medium Coverage Bikini Bottoms


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Maaji's collection of medium coverage swimsuit bottoms was designed with meticulous attention to detail so you can feel comfortable in every situation, confident in your own skin and easily coordinating them with the rest of your beach outfit.

These bottoms accentuate your natural curves and provide volume to enhance the shape of your hips and glutes. The medium coverage cut brings out the Maajic in your body, drawing attention to the length and shape of your legs, highlighting their beauty, and creating an elongating effect.

Every garment in this collection is thoughtfully crafted to fit every situation, either you’re tanning on the beach or kitesurfing in the waves. At Maaji, we understand that wearing a swimsuit that offers support while sculpting our figure is essential. That's why our classic bikini bottoms strike the perfect balance between coverage, freedom of movement, and a revealing cut.

Each piece of our collection showcases a cut especially crafted to fit a diverse body type. Whether you prefer more coverage or a flirtatiously revealing look, you’ll find a fit.

Our designs are infused with the essence of the ocean, capturing the beauty of nature's colors and patterns. From vibrant floral prints to captivating geometrical motifs, our pieces embody the spirit of the seaside, inviting you to immerse yourself in the golden hour and shine with unique looks.

Experience the transformative power of Maaji, where the timeless meets the contemporary, and the beach becomes your runway. Discover the allure of our bikini bottoms, and let the magic of summer bring out the best in you.